Big call for UNE chancellor to go

In December staff and graduates of the University of England voted for Chancellor James Harris to resign – the margin was decisive

The vote occurred at an unprecedented meeting of the university’s convocation – called following extended campus disquiet over the implementation of former VC Bridget Heywood’s restructure plan and the university council’s support for her in the weeks leading up to her resignation last year, following assault charges, (CMM December 5 and 14). Professor Heywood denies the charges and the case is listed for mention in court today. The 410 to 46 vote for Mr Harris to go is reported in the draft minutes of the meeting, circulated to convocation members yesterday.

The meeting also carried two other votes, for a standing elected committee of convocation, “with strong staff representation” to meet at least biannually and for the university council and senior management to “strengthen accountability to the university community and ensure transparent and collaborative decision-making.”

All three proposals will go the university’s council, however two meetings of convocation, which includes students, graduates and eligible staff under the University’s act of parliament, are already proposed for this year.