Beyond HELP: degrees that already cost more than HECs covers

Commentators call the government’s proposed $104 00 life-time limit on HECS HELP ($150 000 for med, dentistry and vet) debt a bad idea because it puts a cap on re-skilling but there are already what can be first career-qualifications that break the proposed loan ceiling? The Department of Education and Training has responded to a Senate committee question on notice with a list of “examples” of degree costs that exceed the existing $102 000 cap, with some well above the proposed loan limit.

Bond U: Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine (both needed to qualify for practise): $378 000

Bond U: Bachelor of Biomedical Science/ Bachelor of Laws: $208 000

Bond U: Bachelor of Laws: $143 000

Bond U: Bachelor of Architecture, $107 000

Monash U: Juris Doctor, $122 000

U of Melbourne: Doctor of Medicine, $282 000

U of Melbourne: Doctor of Dental Surgery, $279 000

U of Melbourne: Master of Architecture, $122 000

UNSW: Juris Doctor, $121 000

Uni of Sydney: Juris Doctor, $120 000

UTS: Juris Doctor: $118 000


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