Behrendt and Etheridge awarded research laurels

Australian Research Council announces the Sweet and Fitzpatrick laureate fellows

Larissa Behrendt (UTS) is the 2022 Kathleen Fitzpatrick Fellow. According to the ARC, she “aims to fundamentally re-make Australia’s colonial legal institutions in order to remove the harm they current do to Indigenous people and communities.”

Joanne Etheridge (Monash U) is the Georgina Sweet Fellow. She researchers, “ways to measure the structure of matter at the level of atoms by reimagining the fundamental concepts behind an electron microscope.”

Fitzpatrick and Sweet fellows each receive the standard laureate fellowship plus $100 000 over five years to “to support and promote women in research.”

The laureate fellowship is awarded for “a significant, sustained leadership and mentoring role in building Australia’s internationally competitive research capacity.” The five year programme provides a salary, funding for two postdocs (five years) and two postgrads (four years) plus up to $300 000 per annum project funding.

another win for Lidia Morawaska

Huzzah for the QUT researcher who was warning airborne transmission is the big COVID indoor risk when were being told to scrub surfaces long hard and often.

Professor Morawaska leads the new ARC Training Centre for Advanced Building Systems Against Airborne Infection Transmission and yesterday she was awarded a Laureate Fellowship.

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