Avondale VC exits

The legislation formally confirming Avondale U as a university is in the parliament (last year’s election delayed the process) –alas the vice chancellor will not be there to share the celebration for long

“It has become apparent that the vision I have for Avondale is different to the vision Council share,” Kevin Petrie tells staff, thanking them for their “support, enthusiasm and commitment” through “changes that have occurred as (a) result of our fiscally challenging  circumstances.”

The most recent annual report states Avondale had a $2.3m net surplus in 2021 on revenue of $29m however it took a presumably pandemic-related hit on enrolment revenue, with income from student fees and charges down from $5.9m to $5.2m. Total HELP revenue was also lower, $5.54m in 2020 and $4.8m in ’21.

Professor Petrie says he will go this semester.


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