Australia’s nuclear science shortage is about to get worse

With answers expected this week on how many and what class nuclear subs for the RAN, the peak science body floats the next big issue

The Australian Academy of Science warns demand for nuclear scientists in Australia already exceeds supply.

The academy points to medicine and quantum technologies, as some of the science sectors that “require a deep understanding of nuclear physics and subatomic interactions.” And the absence of domestic university capacity to meet demand means, “Australia is overly dependent on overseas trained workforce.”

“Building capability in nuclear science will be central to achieving the aims of the Australian Government in developing a nuclear-powered submarine capability,” Academy President Chennupati Jagadish (ANU), warns.

Not to mention all the VET skills keeping boats afloat will require.

Maybe something on the latter will be revealed when the Commonwealth-SA defence manufacturing plan is announced (CMM September 5 2022) but surely expanding numbers of nuclear scientists will take Commonwealth funding and university planning.