Australia’s much of a muchness unis produce a solid result in QS rankings

The QS subject rankings were greeted yesterday with the usual huzzahs from universities pleased to promote their achievements. Angel Calderon (RMIT) explains what it all means in CMM this morning

Overall, it is a good result for the Australian system. “Australia does not have an institution that ranks first globally by subject area. However, Australia has 13 institutions which have at least one subject area ranked in the world’s top 20. Overall, there are 53 instances with Melbourne having the highest number of listings (15), followed by ANU (10), then Uni Sydney (eight), UNSW (six), Monash U (four) and Queensland three).

Then there is one instance each for Adelaide, Curtin, Deakin, QUT, RMIT, UTS and UW,” he explains.

His full analysis is here.