Australian research healthy in state of Nature

The elite science publisher reports another year of improved performance

The index measures institution’s publishing performance in 82 elite science journal. The Nature group politely acknowledges there are all sorts of reasons for performance changes but makes it clear that it really rates its ranking, “the specificity of our metric is also its strength: top-notch research in the natural sciences, pure and simple.”

Overall, it’s an improving performance for Australian institutions, Curtin U in particular, on the global top 500 list.

All research Institutions 2019: Uni Queensland, 79 in the world (110 in ’17), Monash U 98 (119), UNSW 100 (130), Uni Melbourne 127 (158), ANU 133 (178), Uni Sydney 194 (228), UWA 333 (347) , CSIRO 360 (372), Curtin U 379 (489), Uni Adelaide 385 (389), QUT 446, RMIT 454 and Uni Wollongong  466 (436)

This is a strong result across the board for Australian institutions.

All Go8 members, ex Uni Adelaide are up, with Uni Queensland confirming its top spot with a big increase into the world top 100.

And is another outstanding outcome for Curtin U, rising 90 places –  and making it into the top eight Australian universities (CSIRO is eighth over all). QUT and RMIT also join the world 500

All institutions (chemistry): no Australian institutions make the global top 100. The local top ten, in descending order are: UNSW, Monash, Uni Queensland, Uni Sydney, ANU, Uni Melbourne, QUT, RMIT, Uni Adelaide, Uni Wollongong

All institutions (earth and environmental science); Five institutions make the world top 100; Uni Queensland (33), UNSW (47), ANU (56) Curtin U (81), Uni Melbourne (96). The rest of the Australian first ten are, Monash U, CSIRO, UWA, U Tas and Uni Sydney.

All institutions (life sciences):  Locals in the world top 100 are Uni Queensland (56), Uni Melbourne (79), Monash U (89). Followers in the Australian top ten are: Uni Sydney, UNSW, ANU, UWA, Walter and Eliza Hall, Uni Adelaide and CSIRO.

All institutions (physical sciences): The first 100 is Australian-free. The local top ten is, ANU, Monash U, UNSW, Uni Queensland, Uni Melbourne, Uni Sydney, Uni Wollongong, RMIT, Griffith U and UTS.


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