Australian Research Council names engagement and impact panels

The Australian Research Council has announced memberships of the panels for the inaugural engagement and impact assessment, to accompany this year’s Excellence for Research in Australia. Chairs were announced in April (CMMApril 9).

These new lists are carefully constructed to include end-users of applied research in industry and the community, which is rather the point of the engagement and impact exercise.

Peak lobby Science and Technology Australia was certainly impressed, “congratulations to the ARC for their selection of diverse and representative panels for the first Engagement and Impact Assessment. Great spread of experts representing geological, gender, cultural and discipline diversity, it tweeted yesterday.  Quite right, “geological diversity” isn’t easily achieved.

Social sciences

Richard Dunsford (UNSW) chair. Members: Edward Aspinall, ANU. Michelle Baddeley, UniSA. Susan Danby, QUT. Vaille Dawson, UWA. Subhas DeGamia, Focal Point Advisory Partners. Gigi Foster, UNSW. Jennifer Gore, UniNewcastle. Louise Hanlon, consultant. Mark Hughes, SCU. James Migro, WA Police. Rachel Parker, QUT. Carolin Plewa, UniAdelaide. Tim Reddel, Commonwealth Department of Social Services. Kevin Stevenson, UniMelb. Mark Western, UoQ.

Creative arts and humanities

Gerard Goggon (UniSydney) chair. Members: Judith Bishop, Appen (machine learner and AI company). Michael Campbell, WestWords (western Sydney arts organisation).  Jillian Comber, Comber Consultants (heritage consultants). Penelope Edmonds, UTas. Paul Egglestone, UniNewcastle. Adrian Franklin, UniSA. Richard Gillespie, heritage and museum consultant. Nicole Gurran, UniSydey. Jeremy Moss, UNSW. Kirsten Orr, UniTas. Bethwyn Serow, Australian Major Performing Arts Group (AMPAG). Anita Stuhmcke, UTS. Amanda Third, WSU. Michael Wykes, University of Exeter.

Science and technology

John Grundy, (Monash U) chair. Members: Ric Clark, AgriFutures Australia. Alexander Gavrilov, Curtin U. Vanessa Guthrie, executive and director, minex industries.  Brett Harris, Curtin U. Erol Harvey, MiniFAB Pty Ltd (microfluidic design and manufacture). Sally McArthur, Swinburne U. Alison Rodger, Macquarie U. Karen Rouse, Water Research Australia. Claude Roux, UTS. Roland Slee, “enterprise sales leader”. Sandy Steacy, UniAdelaide. Mark Wallace, Monash U.

Heath and life sciences

Terry Nolan (UniMelb) chair. Members: Kate Auty, ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment. Richard Bell, Murdoch U. Megan Corlis, Helping Hand Aged Care. Elizabeth Eakin, UoQ. Mark Field, Coles Supermarkets Australia. Ms Estelle Fyffe, Annecto Inc (social services consultancy). Andrew Gilbert, Bioplatforms Australia Ltd (lifesciences investing). Caroline Homer, Burnet Institute (medical research).  Sandra Jones, ACU. Richard Lindley, UniSydney).  John Lynch, UniAdelaide.  Andrew Scholey, Swinburne U. Steven Smith, U Tas.  Nina Wedell, University of Exeter.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research

Maggie Walter (UTas) chair. Members: Roxanne Bainbridge, CQU, Larissa Behrendt, UTS. Ned David, Yumi Education Services (services for Torres Strait communities). Lauren Ganley, Desert Knowledge Australia, (Northern Territory Gov statutory authority). John Maynard, UniNewcastle. Anne Poelina, Madjulla Incorporated (community development organisation). Irene Watson, UniSA.


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