Australian Catholic U plans to open up

75 per cent plus of classes are scheduled for campus next semester

According to COO Stephen Weller, “we are confident that there will be a lower level of restrictions across all of our campuses,” next year.

Dr Weller adds “facilities and services such as libraries, gyms, track, and cafes” are scheduled for normal operations, good news for all, including those who like a coffee after sprint-training.

But what of the other 25 per cent of classes?  ACU observers suggest that this is not a new plan to scale-back live in-person lectures. Prior pandemic half of lectures were consumed on-line, which accounted for 15 per cent of on-line activity.  Another 10 per cent now is students taking core subjects on-line.

Overall optimism prevails at ACU – face masks will not be mandatory, indoor density limits are reduced and the university has not made its own ruling on mandatory vaccination, “if you are not yet vaccinated, you need to check and comply with the public health orders in your state or territory.”

But, there is an inevitable but, “any changes to our approach will be advised by public health orders.” ACU has no Perth campus, but there is one in Brisbane.