Australian Academy of Science announces new Fellows

The academy’s list is released this morning

Tim Bedding, astrophysicist, Uni Sydney

Annabelle Bennett, chancellor, Bond University

Lee Berger, biologist, Uni Melbourne

Linda Blackall, microbiologist, Uni Melbourne

Wenju Cai, climatologist, CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

Peter Currie, stem cell biologist, Monash U

Andrew Cuthbertson, chief scientific 0fficer, CSL Limited

Aurore Delaigle, statistician, Uni Melbourne

Cathy Foley, Chief Scientist, CSIRO

Gary Froyland, mathematician, UNSW

Kevin Galvin, chemical engineer, Uni Newcastle

Adèle Green, epidemiologist, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

Kate Jolliffe, organic chemist, Uni Sydney

Ping Koy Lam, quantum physicist, ANU

Ryan Lister, epigeneticist, UWA

Justin Marshal, marine biologist, Uni Queensland

Harvey Millar, plant biochemist, UWA

Lidia Morawska, aerosol physicist, QUT

Robyn Anne Owens, mathematics of computer vision, UWA

Ian Paulsen, microbiologist, Macquarie U

Simon Poole, director, of business development, Cylite Pty Ltd

Andrew Roberts, clinical haematologist, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Alan Rowan, physical organic chemist, Uni Queensland

Jenny Stauber, ecotoxicologist, CSIRO Land and Water


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