Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, identity!  Identity! Identity!

The Senate committee considering how we feel about, “nationhood, national identity and democracy” is hearing from experts today in Canberra. Quite a few experts

It’s the second “roundtable,” the first was last Friday, at which former chief scientist Ian Chubb presented the views of the Academy of Science. Professor Chubb was not his usual sunny-self in  describing the state of the national mind and mood.  “It has to change and the change starts with you,” he told the committee.

Today’s invited speakers following his hard act to follow, include; Kate Reynolds and James O’Donnell (ANU) and Meghan Bergamin from the Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. “Our deans feel strongly that HASS teaching and research has an important role to play in promoting civic engagement, and in understanding and informing good governance,” she says.

They are among 29 experts scheduled to speak. Jove, how will Parliament House staff fit that many opinions in one room?