Aus based academics speak up for Beijing academic

ANU’s Barmé leads call for Tsinghua U to restore law professor’s rights

Geremie Barmé (ANU ) is speaking up  for Tsinghua University law professor Xu Zhangrun, sacked after criticising of China’s Communist Party and government, specifically PRC president and CCP general sceretary Xi Jingping.

Professor Barmé sets out the circumstances here and has circulated a protest letter, signed by 250, mainly Anglosphere academic China experts, including a bunch from ANU.

“We urge the university to restore Professor Xu’s normal status in the university, including his teaching and research duties, and to refrain from any further sanctions against him,” signatories urge the university.

Maybe they should also write to Australian universities that host Confucius Institutes urging them to join the campaign.

ANZ based signatories are: Barmé, Sarah Biddulph (Uni Melbourne), David Bray (Uni Sydney), David Brophy (Uni Sydney), Kevin Carrico (Monash U), Anita Chan (ANU), Feng Chonyi (UTS), Tom Cliff (ANU), Gloria Davies (Monash U), Darrell Dorrington (ANU), Steven Fitzgerald (ex Aus ambassador to China), Ivan Franceschini (ANU), Ken George (ANU), Jane Golley (ANU), Terence Halliday (American Bar Foundation and ANU), Baogang He (Deakin U), Linda Jaivin (ANU), Jon Eugene von Kowallis (UNSW), James Leibold (La Trobe U), Wah Guan Lim (UNSW), John Minford (ANU), Brian Moloughney, (Uni Otago), Kirin Narayan (ANU), Fan Ni (UWA), Michael Paton (Uni Sydney), Annie Luman Ren (ANU), Richard Rigby (ANU), Matthew Robertson (ANU), Stuart Russell (Macquarie U), Sally Sargeson (ANU), David Schak (Griffith U), William Sima (ANU), Craig Smith (Uni Melbourne), Warren Sun (Monash U), Sue Trevaskes (Griffith U), Jonathan Unger (ANU), Haiqing Yu (RMIT).


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