At Uni Newcastle the winner is Alex!

The bi-=partisan harrumphing over Mark “hello, I must be going” Vaile not becoming chancellor is a win for Vice Chancellor, Alex Zelinsky

Hunter region Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon and Educuation Alan Tudge have condemned the criticism preceeding Mr Vaile’s withdrawal. Outside Newcastle this is the issue of the hour – which means Professor Zelinsky’s message to staff  on Tuesday was not widely covered.

That’s the message about the final stage of his savings restructure, involving the abolition of 150 FTE academic posiitons (for a net loss of 59.5) plus more cuts to professional staff.

Professor Zelinsky told staff that his savings target of $35m is now met.

The culture waring also kept attention away from the VC’s views on Mr Vaile’s appointment, as a member of university council which voted “unanimously” to appoint the chancellor who never was.