At Macquarie U, some jobs are going but others arrive

There are more details on departures, and arrivals, as the admin staffing restructure rolls-on  

 The Professional Services Transformation brings changes in IT, Finance and Learning and Teaching.

Nicole Gower, VP Services, tells staff, the proposed model for Finance, “is designed to provide better professional staff career pathways through implementation of a finance competency model, standardised job descriptions and new organisational structure.” Some 14 VR applications are accepted and another 39 positions are abolished. People “impacted” will get first-go at the new 33 jobs in the portfolio.

Management proposes centralising IT Services, “which will contribute to the on-going financial sustainability of the university.” There are 33 VR applications accepted, with 20 other positions to go. The 20 have first crack at 23 new jobs to be created.

Changes in the PVC Learning and Teaching portfolio are as CMM reported Friday, 20 VRs, ten more positions to go and 24 new positions.

Perhaps these changes are part of a process, independent of any immediate response to COVID-19, to address what VC S Bruce Dowton calls, the nature of our often highly devolved and locally idiosyncratic way” of delivering admin services, (CMM November 4).