At Kensington there be dragons

At UNSW Ian Jacobs’ long goodbye is starting to drag on

The VC announced in December he was out at the end of the year so some people now blame  the executive Management Board for whatever they don’t like – with artwork making the point turning up around campus. Including this one.

Never ending stories

If the artist(s) are thinking about a multi-platform franchise there are UNSWers who can help.

There’s a new run of Simon McIntyreEmma RobertsonJeffrey KohOllie Brown and George Khut’s MOOC, “Transmedia storytelling: narrative worlds, emerging technologies, and global audiences” (via Coursera).

It’s designed for individuals with a tale to tell on many media platforms. Of whom there are a few. The March run of the MOOC started with 69 000 people enrolled (CMM March 24).This one has 75 000 starters, 75 000!