Asking TEQSA to grin while private providers bear it

The regulator charging full cost for provider assessment is imminent – some of the regulated want courtesy in return

The Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency sets everything out in a new paper, which seems similar to what was discussed last year (CMM May 24 2021).

Another thing that is as was, is unhappiness in the organisations whose members will cop the costs hardest – private providers who are subject to the same flat rates of charges as vastly larger universities

Independent Higher Education Australia, accordingly calls for “scalable fees” and says a “service obligation charter … is essential. “Over the course of the last few years TEQSA has fallen short of sectoral performance expectations on various occasions.”

Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia also calls for a TEQSA to set “customer service standards.”  “In a cost-recovered environment, TEQSA needs to provide a higher degree of certainty and transparency in its interactions.” And to help the agency along, ITECA provides a draft set of standards, including one that surely should not need including for TEQSA, but ITECA thinks does, “be helpful and treat HE providers with courtesy.”