Ask not just what you did for ANU but what ANU did for you

The 2021 staff survey asks how people coped last year

Last year ANU surveyed staff as the country was on the way into deep pandemic crisis, with staff working and students learning from home. There was a sense that the university community was working together, “I am very proud that in a time of anxiety and uncertainty, so many of our staff felt supported and cared for,” VC Brian Schmidt says.

But times have changed, the survey now underway is occurring as the university makes savings and sheds staff.  There are certainly questions that read like HR insisted, “are you aware of your health and safety obligations while working from home? There are others that will help ANU work out how remote working went.

The survey also includes a question which will generate interesting answers; “what has been one thing you did to make you proud to work at ANU.”

And then there is a question which includes something of an assumption, “in thinking about the 2020 working year, what was one thing the university did to make you proud to work at ANU.