As Ramsay degree content is considered Uni Queensland staff say no

The University of Queensland humanities and social sciences board of studies meets today to discuss a Ramsay western civ degree, 250 of their colleagues say they should reject it

HASS staff and colleagues in the law school (which would also teach a proposed Ramsay course) repeat previous points against the conservative funded sponsoring UoQ courses. In particular, they argue;

* for all the assurances of academic freedom, there is an inevitable “implied threat” that funding will cease “if the political and ideological aims” of the Ramsay Board are not met

* “the programme is implicitly hostile to contemporary currents in the humanities and social sciences which aim to decolonise the university”

* the “great books” approach, “detached from any grounding in contemporary humanities scholarship is not an appropriate fit for a modern research university”

Last week a (very) learned reader reviewed a draft of the proposed University of Queensland Ramsay courses, and the University of Wollongong degree here.


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