ARC to do more with more

The government’s University Research Action Plan includes three new fellowships

They will support 800 over ten years early career, mid-career and “laureate” fellows, “to develop cutting-edge innovations and apply their research to addressing industry challenges”.

The Australian Research Council reports it is working with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment to have fellowships ready by July but for now details, including on applications, “will be made available closer to the commencement date.”

As to funding, the ARC  says the fellowship schemes “will be supported through additional funding for the ARC’s flagship Linkage Programme.” As to how much, the plan specifies $296m for the fellows and 1800 industry PhDs.

But how “additional” is additional? “The funding is additional to the ARC’s current allocation … final allocation will be advised as part of the consultation process,” the council tells CMM.