Appointments, achievements of the week

The Australian Council of Graduate Research announces its 2020 excellence awards. GR supervision: Australian Research Council Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production, Uni Adelaide. GR leadershipNatalie Edwards, Uni Adelaide, Industry engagement in GRLiam Smith and Felix Mavondo, Monash U.

Helen Brown (ex ABC) joins the Australia-Indonesia Centre as head of comms and outreach.

Sharyn Davies becomes director of the Herb Feith Indonesian Engagement Centre. She moves from Auckland Uni Technology.

Marina Harvey (UNSW) is elected president of the Council of Australasian University Leaders in Learning and Teaching. She was elected Friday at CAULLTS first ever digital AGM.  Jillian Hamilton (QUT) is VP and Trish McCluskey (VU) is a new committee member.

Peter Lloyd joins Universities Australia as comms director. Mr Lloyd is a long-time ABC journalist and recently a consultant to the government of Timor Leste.

Christine McLoughlin will be the fourth chancellor of the University of Wollongong. Ms McLoughlin is a company director. She will take over from outgoing chancellor Jillian Broadbent, “later this year”. The university states selecting a new VC as an early task for Ms McLoughlin. Incumbent Paul Wellings retires in June next year.

Barbara Pini (Griffith U) and Nicole Moore (UNSW) are appointed visiting professors for 2020-21 and ’21-’22 respectively at Uni Tokyo’s Centre for Pacific and American Studies.

Eric Reynolds (Uni Melbourne dental school) is awarded the European Organisation for Caries Research annual award. (caries is the profession’s term for cavities).

Stephen Riek joins the University of the Sunshine Coast as dean of graduate research. He moves from Uni Queensland’s graduate school.


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