Appointments, achievements

Warwick McKibbin (ANU) is a member of the advisory council for a Brookings Institution initiative, a model for an “office of carbon scoring” which would report the climate impact of proposed US Government legislation.

New Queensland Government industry research fellows include,

* Hamid Ahmadi (Uni Southern Queensland) * Mobashwer Alam (Uni Queensland) * Yahia Ali (Uni Queensland) *Matthew Bourne (Griffith U) * Gloria M Monsalve-Bravo (Uni Queensland) * Ping Chen (Uni Queensland) * Kameron Dunn (QUT) * Denys Villa-Gomez (Uni Queensland) * Linh Hoang (QUT) * Sundaravelpandian Kalaipandian (Uni Queensland) * Veronica Martinez (Uni Queensland) * Umme Mumtahina (CQU) * Syed Naqvi (Uni Queensland) * Andy Nguyen (Uni Southern Queensland) * Md Masus Rana (Uni Queensland) * Jiayong Tang (Uni Queensland) * Osman Tursun (QUT) * Min Zheng (Uni Queensland)