Appointments, achievements

Samar Aoun is WA’s Australian of the Year. Professor Aoun has  a research chair in palliative care at UWA.

Australian Catholic U announces its Vice Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Awards, including; teaching: Amanda Gutierrez (Education) .medal for excellence: Emma Buntowe, Aaron Cornwall, Kelly Dann, Karen Desfontaines, Isabelle Lys, Janine Quine, Maria Valastro (Human Library project team). service: Vesna Stefanov (curriculum manager). community engagement:  Anh Nguyen Austen, Michael Baker, Alda Balthrop-Lewis, Maddie Barton, Sebastian Gimenez, Martin Kelly, Wendy Ng, Jennifer Taylor, Julie Thorpe, David Tran, Heidi Wolfenden, Alexander Yeung (Bushfire Recovery Grants working group). student experience: Sarah Bakić, Radhika Gregory (ACU Life project team). research/research partnership:  Geetanjali Basarkod, Theresa Dicke, Jiesi Guo, Timonthy Kent, Paul Kidson, HeeRa Ko, Herb Marsh, Philip Parker, Taren Sanders, Sioau-Mai See (Australian Principal Health and Wellbeing Research team). reconciliation: Ben Groth, Leanne Long (Indigenous Nationals 2022 project team). stewardship: Anita Drakulic, Kieran Flanagan, Jane McCormack, Kerry Ttofari Eecen (ACU Speech Pathology Speed Sessions team)

CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall will complete his third term and leave in June.

H Deep Saini will be the next VC of McGill University in Canada, moving from Dalhousie U in Nova Scotia. Professor Saini was VC of Uni Canberra, 2016-19

Susan Scott (ANU) is awarded the Australian Institute of Physics’ Walter Boas Medal. Last month she received the European Academy of Sciences’ Blaise Pascal Medal for Physics.