Appointments, achievements

Of the day

The Australian Awarded University Teachers Network announces its awards committee, Denise Jackson (Edith Cowan U), Blake McKimmie (Uni Queensland) Pip Pattison (Uni Sydney emeritus), Grady Venville (ANU) and  Sherman Young (RMIT).

Of the week

The Australasian Research Management Society’s 2022 awards include: Moira Clay (Moira Clay Consulting) for Distinguished Service. Connie Killey (Deakin U) becomes an ARMS Fellow. Research Management awards go to Uni Melbourne’s Faculty Research Support Team  and Research Outputs TeamUni Sydney’s Faculty of Medicine and Health R&D Team and Narmon Tulsi (Flinders U).

 Vicky Balabanski, is appointed a professor of the University of Divinity. She is Director of Biblical Studies at Uniting College for Leadership and Theology in South Australia.

Virginia Barbour is appointed editor-in-chief of the Medical Journal of Australia,starting February. She is now director of Open Access Australasia.

Deborah Bunker starts as Chief Science Officer at the Natural Hazards Research Australia. She moves from Uni Sydney.

Timothy Carey is the new chair of Country Health Research and Innovation at Curtin U. He was previously at the University of Global Health Equity in Rwanda.

Political scientist Andrea Carson is elected to a three-year term representing staff on La Trobe University’s Council.

Lesley Hughes (ex Macquarie U as of end August) and Virginia Marshall (ANU) are appointed to the board of the Commonwealth’s Climate Change Authority.

Google 2022 PhD Fellowship recipients include * machine learning: Yixin Liu (Monash U), Xiaobo Xia (Uni Sydney) * machine perception, speech tech, computer vision: Jianyuan Guo (Uni Sydney), Shuo Yang (UTS) *natural language processing: Shuyi Wang (Uni Queensland) . They receive $15 000 for research and related in a year.

South Australia’s Hospital Research Foundation Group announces seven research grants to (by university affiliation) * Dhani Dharmaprani (Flinders U) – irregular heartbeats * Adrian Elliott (Uni Adelaide) – exercise to restore regular hearbeat * Mergen Ghayesh (Uni Adelaide) – preventing heart attacks * Clementine Labrosciano (Uni Adelaide) – reducing hospital readmission after heart attacks * Sivabaskari Pasupathy (Uni Adelaide)- treating chest pain * Peter Psaltis (Uni Adelaide) – preventing heart attacks * Johan Vernans (Uni Adelaide – managing patients.

Janet McCalman (Uni Melbourne) wins the Education Publishers Association’s scholarly non-fiction award for – Vandemonians: The repressed history of colonial Victoria (Melbourne University Publishing).

Helen  Milroy (UWA School of Health and Medical Sciences) is one of ten community representatives invited to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

Pascal Perez becomes director of the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure. He moves from Uni Wollongong.

Kevin Rudd (yes that one) receives his DPhil the University of Oxford for a thesis on (PRC president) Xi Jinping’s world-view.

Karen Lamb and Sabine Braat are co-leads of the biostatistics node at Uni Melbourne’s Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health Research Hub.

Justin Yerbury (Uni Wollongong) will receive the Keys to the City of Wollongong. Professor Yerbury researches Motor Neuron Disease.