Appointments, achievements

Of the day

David Lynn (Flinders U) has a new term as scientific director of the South Australian Genomics Centre Advisory Board.

Zsuzsoka Kecskes will join Uni Wollongong in August as dean of Graduate Medicine. She moves from ANU.

Of the week

Meenakshi Arora (Uni Melbourne) receives the individual impact award from the India Australia Business and Community Alliance.

Laurie Buys joins Australian Catholic University, Brisbane as professor of healthy ageing. She is previous professor at QUT and Uni Queensland.

Keiran Davis (Auckland City Hospital) is the new dean of the Australasian Faculty of Pain Medicine

Erica Donner (Uni SA) is interim CEO of the new Cooperative Research Centre for Solving Antimicrobial resistance in Agribusiness, Food and Environment Cooperative Research Centre, announced Friday.

The ABC’s Stan Grant becomes a part-time industry professor at UTS. He has previously been a professor of global affairs at Griffith U and presently has a vice chancellor’s chair at Charles Sturt U.

Uni Wollongong announces company director and author John Green is the new chair of UoW Global Enterprises.

Khai Liew (Uni SA adjunct professor) wins the National President’s Prize from the Australian Institute of Architects.

The Royal Society (as in the original) announces 2022 Fellows, including, * Robert Pressey (James Cook U) * Richard Robson (Uni Melbourne) * Jamie Rossjohn (Monash U) * Carola Vinuesa (ANU)

Clare (Rutherford) Tubolets is the new CEO of the SmartCrete Cooperative Research Centre (concrete in engineering). She moves from COO at the Food Agility CRC.