Appointments, achievements

Nicolas Hart is appointed deputy lead of Flinders U’s Caring Futures Institute, for “a future where the highest standard of health and care is available for all.”

Eleanor Huntington is leaving ANU for CSIRO. The dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science will become ED of Digital, National Facilities and Collections there.  She leaves ANU on October for a November start at CSIRO. Also at CSIRO, Jonathan Law moves from the Mineral Resources Business Unit, to become ED, Growth.

David Lancaster is the inaugural EOS chair in laser physics at Uni SA. EOS is Electro Optical Systems Pty Ltd.

Uni Queensland announces its 2021 research awards: Joel Carpenter (Engineering, Architecture and IP). Gary Chan (Health and Behavioural Sciences). Loic Yengo Dimbou (Institute for Molecular Bioscience). Camille Guillerey (Medicine).  Jody Peters (Science). RuiRui Qia (Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology). Marnee Shay (Education). Ya-Yen Sun (Business, Economics, Law). Susannah Tye (Queensland Brain Institute).

The 2021 Young Tall Poppies of Science for WA are announced, including Christopher Blyth (UWA), Mark Hackett (Curtin U), Joanna Melonek (UWA) Eleanor Sansom (Curtin U), Billy Sung (Curtin U), Alexander Tang (UWA), James Tweedley (Murdoch U)