Appointments, achievements

Rosalind Archer is in-coming head of Engineering and Built Environment at Griffith U.  She moves from Uni Auckland and will start in December.

Peter Bellwood (emeritus professor, ANU) receives the 40 million Yen (A$485 000) 2021 International Cosmos Prize, from Japan’s Expo90 Foundation. The award is for research that contributes to understanding harmonious relationships between nature and humanity.

Lisa Farrar is confirmed as Chief Operating Officer of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Consultants Nous report two appointments. Barbara Messerle (ex Uni Sydney provost and Macquarie U science dean) joins as a senior adviser. International ed expert at ANU and in the federal department, Anne Baly becomes a principal.

At Charles Darwin U, Ian Wronski becomes the inaugural DVC for Northern Australia Medical and Health Development. He moves from James Cook U.