Appointments achievements

Of the day

Steve Glassey becomes director of CQU’s Emergency Response and Innovation Centre. He was previously a free-lance public safety forensic analyst in New Zealand.

Leah Hill is Uni Sydney’s inaugural Chief Faculty Experience Officer. She has charge of student administrative services and oversights faculty general managers.

Of the week

 ANU announces Maryanne Dever will be PVC Education and Digital (from April). She will move from UTS.  Also in April at ANU, Royston Gustavson will become Dean, Academic Quality. He will split his time between this role and his professorship in the Centre for Social Research and Methods.

 AGL “digital innovator” John Chambers joins Swinburne U’s council.

Anna Florin (Uni Wollongong) wins the University of Tübingen Early Prehistory & Quaternary Ecology award for her Uni Queensland PhD thesis on 65,000 years of plant food use at Madjedbebe, in Arnhem Land.

Michael Gilding joins Flinders U as VP and ED of the College of Business, Government and Law. He moves from Swinburne U.

Martin Green (UNSW) wins the Japan Foundation prize for resources, energy the environment and social infrastructure for his research on photovoltaics.

 Olivia Groves joins the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education as a post doc fellow.

Alex Held (CSIRO) has a (small) planet named after him. It goes with winning the Harrie Massey Award from the Committee on Space Research.

Peter Høj takes over as Uni Adelaide VC on Monday.

Sven Rogge (UNSW) is the incoming president of the Australian Institute of Physics.

Michelle Ryan will be inaugural director of ANU’s Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, starting in July. She will join from the University of Exeter. The GWIL was founded, and is chaired by Julia Gillard.

Noordin Shehabuddeen is the new PVC VET at Charles Darwin U. He was previously dean engagement at Murdoch U’s College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Science.

Stephan Tillmann (Uni Sydney) is the new deputy director of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute.