Appointments, achievements

Of the day

Angela Goddard (Griffith U) is chair of University Arts Museums Australia

At Victoria U DVC R Corinne Reid picks up the post of provost, on an interim basis.  She replaces Marcia Devlin who left at the beginning of the month.  New VC Adam Shoemaker arrives in mid-December.

Griffith U announces research awards; research leadership: Susan Dennison (Criminology). Sue Berners-Price (medical inorganic chemistry). early career research: Hoang-Phuong Phan (micro and nano technology). mid career research: Lauren Ball (diet in primary care). research supervision: Rod Connolly (wetlands and riverine research). research engagement: Ross Homel (criminology). research group/team: Chris Carty, Claudio Pizzolato, David Lloyd, David Saxby, Geoff Tansley, Laura Diamond, Matt Bourne, Michael Simmonds, Randy Bindra, Rod Barrett, Sam Canning from the Centre for Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering.

Of the week

 Iain Hay (Flinders U) becomes First (as in senior, not original) Vice President of the International Geographical Union, (dedicated to the development of geographical research and teaching).

Sharon Lewin (Peter Doherty Institute) receives the Global Virus Network’s Gallo Award for excellence in medical virology.

Timothy Ottaway (RMIT) wins the 2020 James Dyson design award for current/recent design engineering students. Mr Ottaway designed push-bike lighting which illuminates a rider’s moving legs so people on the road see a person, not a red light.

Geoff Page wins the Australian Catholic University poetry prize – again. He won first prize in 2017 and second last year.

Peter Radoll (PVC Indigenous, Uni Canberra) is appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society of NSW

Michelle Simmons (UNSW) joins the CSIRO board.