Appointments, achievements

At Swinburne U, Matthew Bailes moves from astrophysics to lead the Data Science Research Institute. Biomedical manufacturing/engineering researcher Sally McArthur takes over at the Manufacturing Futures Research Institute.

News of the 2020 Young Tall Poppies science awards continue to appear sporadically. Adding to last week’s reports are new YTPs for NSW; Matthew Dun (Uni Newcastle) – treating leukaemia/tumours. Celia Harris (Western Sydney U) – memory in context. Lining Arnold Ju. (Uni Sydney) – heart disease. Laura McCaughey (UTS) – antibiotics. Alice Motion (Uni Sydney) – open source drug development. Caroline Moul (Uni Sydney) – empathy in life. Jill Newby (UNSW) – mental health therapies. James Shine (Uni Sydney) – brain science. Tayyaba Zafar (Macquarie U) – astronomy. Katie Sizeland (ANSTO) – collagen for heart valves. Sabin Zahirovic (Uni Sydney) – modelling continents moving.