Appointments, achievements

Cheryl Saunders is elected a corresponding fellow of the British Academy. Laureate Professor Saunders is a constitutional lawyer at the University of Melbourne.

Oxford U academic Antone Martinho-Truswell is appointed inaugural dean of Graduate House, at St Paul’s College, which is “within” the University of Sydney.  The new facility will house 140 men and women academics and postgraduates. It opens at the start of next year.

The University of Sydney has three new associate deans in the Faculty of Medicine and Health. All three are internal appointments. Victoria Cogger becomes associate dean for research education, Inam Haq is associate dean (education) and Mark McEntee is now AD Student Life.

Cristy Seccombe from Murdoch U’s Animal Hospital is the new president of Equine Veterinarians Australia.

James Quach will work at the University of Adelaide for four years, thanks to funding from the Ramsay Fellowship which funds scientific research (and is definitely not the western civ centre outfit). Dr Quach will work on using the entanglement principle of quantum mechanics to create batteries which share physical proprties and can might be able to be simultaneously charged. He moves from the University of Melbourne.

QUT has announced its staff awards, including:

Teacher of the year: Deb Duthie (Indigenous Knowledges)

Academics: Peter Black (Law), Jean Burgess (Creative Industries), Gary Mortimer (Business), Rachael Murray (Health), Moe Thandar Wynn (Science and Engineering)

Professional staff: Derek Cordwell (Health), Kaylene Matheson (Law), Danielle Patterson (Health), Gary Rasmussen (International and Deveopment)

Community Partners: Robert Flower (Health), Mandy Paterson (RSPCA)

Academic Team: Nursing professional precincts

Mixed team: Design robotics research team


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