Appointments, achievements

David Abramson wins the Pearcey Foundation’s (for ICT technologies) medal for life-long achievement. Professor Abramson is director of Uni Queensland’s Research Computing Centre. If there is award for IT theatricals he would win that too – in 2016 his play about research integrity, “Purely Academic”, was performed at the university (CMM October 25 2016).

Urban water researcher Peter Coombes joins Southern Cross U as chair of engineering.

 Tracey Horton is named chair of the Commonwealth’s new Australian Industry and Skills Committee. Ms Horton is a former business dean at UWA and chair of Navitas.

Karl Kruszelnicki (Uni Sydney) wins UNESCO’s Kalinga Prize for popularising science.

The Victorian Government’s prizes for science and innovation (via VESKI) go to, Michael Berk (Deakin U) – mental health and Anthony Burkitt (Uni Melbourne) – bionic eye, artificial vision

 Macquarie U announces six new distinguished professors, “the highest academic honour the university can bestow,” (for staff).

* Catriona Mackenzie (Philosophy), * Deborah Schofield (Business School), * Ian Wright (Biological Sciences), * Ingrid Pillar (Linguistics), * Phillip Taylor (Biological Sciences), * Stephen Foley (Earth and Planetary Sciences)


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