Appointments, achievements

Nick Crowley will become Macquarie U’s HR director today week, he is now deputy director. He replaces Nicole Gower who moved last month to VP, people and services.

Darren Pennay wins the inaugural industry leadership award from the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations. Mr Pennay is honoured for founding and leading for 19 years, the Social Research Centre, now owned by ANU. The SRC creates the excellent Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching.

Ryan Tilley (RMIT) takes third place in the James Dyson Award for adapting a manual wheelchair for off-road access. The awards, from the British manufacturer are for undergrads/recent grads, (CMM October 24).

Research Australia (“the voice of health and medical research participants”) announces its 2019 awards, including

Discovery award: Christine Keenan (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)

Peter Wills medal: Kathryn North (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)

Research excellence: Brendan Crabb (Burnet Institute)

Data innovation: John Lynch (Uni Adelaide)

Philanthropy: Pamela Galli (Lorenzo and Pamela Galli Medical Research Trust)

Advocacy: Gordon Lynch (Uni Melbourne)

Frontiers research: Jeremy Micah Crook and team (Uni Wollongong)


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