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Of the day


Griffith U announces its teaching awards;

Teacher of the year: Leanne Kenway (Medical Science)

Education leader of the year: Ruth McPhail (Employment Relations and HR)

Lifetime learning and teaching: Alf Lizzio (Learning Futures)


 Ruth Morgan (Monash U) wins the Australian Academy of Science’s 2019 Moran Award for History of Science Research. She will use the $2500 funding, (no there is not a naught missing) for research on the work of Australian scientists on climate change in the Southern Hemisphere, 1970-2000.

 Science and Technology Australia announces three board members, covering discipline constituencies. * aquatic sciences: Christopher Fulton (ANU). * medical and cognitive sciences: Karen Gregory (Monash U) * general sciences: Kathy Nicholson (Uni Adelaide).

Scott Wright is to move from the University of Melbourne to become professor of media comms at Monash U.

 Of the week

 The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering announces 25 new Fellows, full list in Wednesday’s CMM,

 The Australian Marketing Institute announces its 2019 awards, notably; CMO of the year: Fabian Marrone (Monash U).  Market and Consumer Research Insights: Bastion Insights and Deakin U (recruitment campaign for nutrition masters). Product/Service revitalisation: Destination Group and Francis Farrelly (RMIT).

Adam Boyton is the (interim) National Skills Commissioner.

Tiffany Donnelly will become principal of The Women’s Colllege, “within the University of Sydney.” She has been vice principal for 18 years. Dr Donnelly replaces Amanda Bell.

Andrew Everett (Charles Darwin U) is elected to the board of the International Education Association of AustraliaDavina Potts (Uni Melbourne) and Kelly Smith (La Trobe U) are re-elected. CEO Phil Honeywood has another five-year term.

David Gardner (Uni Melbourne) with colleagues from Japan and Germany, wins the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s 2019 Basic Science Award.

The Prime Minister’s Literary Prizes are announced. Paul Genoni (Curtin U) and Tanya Dalziell (UWA) for Writers, dreamers and drifters in Hydra 1955-’64. Gail Jones (Western Sydney U) wins the fiction prize for her novel, The death of Noah Glass.

The UNSW Council has extended David Gonski‘s term as chancellor to  2023.

Jefa Greenaway (Uni Melbourne School of Design) is co-creative director for the Australian Pavilion at next year’s Venice Biennale. He partners architect Tristan Wong. 

Ever-announcing Health Minister Greg Hunt, appoints the Primary Health Reform Steering Group. Members from the HE community include, Ewen McPhee (Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine) and Claire Jackson (Uni Queensland).

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music announces Liza Lim will hold the Sculthorpe Chair of Australian Music. The chair is funded by a bequest from the late composer Peter Sculthorpe.

Rossie Ogilvie is confirmed as Vice Principal, Advancement at the University of Sydney. She has acted in the position since February, moving from chief of staff to Vice Chancellor Michael Spence (CMM November 30 2018).

Martie-Louise Verreynne is leaving Uni Queensland’s business faculty, where is deputy head, to become PVC research and innovation in RMIT’s College of Business next year. She will rejoin former head of Uni Queensland’s biz school, Julie Cogin who moved to become RMIT’s PVC business in April.

In July Peter Yu will become director of the ANU’s National Centre for Indigenous Studies. He is chief executive officer of the Yawuru Corporate Group and a member of ANU’s council.


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