Appointments, achievements

Tiffany Donnelly will become principal of The Women’s Colllege, “within the University of Sydney.” She has been vice principal for 18 years. Dr Donnelly replaces Amanda Bell.

Andrew Everett (Charles Darwin U) is elected to the board of the International Education Association of Australia. Davina Potts (Uni Melbourne) and Kelly Smith (La Trobe U) are re-elected. CEO Phil Honeywood has another five-year term.

 Jefa Greenaway (Uni Melbourne School of Design) is co-creative director for the Australian Pavilion at next year’s Venice Biennale. He partners architect Tristan Wong. 

Rossie Ogilvie is confirmed as Vice Principal, Advancement at the University of Sydney. She has acted in the position since February, moving from chief of staff to Vice Chancellor Michael Spence (CMM November 30 2018).


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