Appointment, achievements

Ian Anderson is to join ANU as DVC (student and university experience). He moves from the Commonwealth, where he was previously with PM and C and now the National Indigenous Australians Agency. His prior higher education appointment was at the University of Melbourne (CMM February 24 2017).

 The State Library of NSW announces the short-list for the $40 000 Douglas Stewart non- prize. Nominees are space archaeologist Alice Gorman (Flinders U) for Dr Space Junk v the universe, Fiona Wright (UTS) for a collection of personal essays The World was whole, Patrick Mullins(Uni Canberra) for a biography of prime minister Bill McMahon, Samia Khatun (Uni of London) for Australianama, (“the south Asian odyssey in Australia”, Tim Bonyhady’s (ANU) “rodent history Australia”, The enchantment of the Long-haired Rat and Michelle Arrow (Macquarie U), The Seventies, (that decade in Australia).