Appointment, achievements

Katy McDevitt is leaving Deakin U where she is director of professional education and moving to Pearson, as director of digital learning and innovation.

 The Victorian Young Tall Poppy science awards for 2018 are announced, including; Kathryn Backholer (Deakin U, policy to improve diet), Bianca Brijnath, (depression, dementia diagnosis in older migrants, National Ageing Research Institute), Andy Casey (Monash U, chemicals in distant stars),  Tim Doherty, (Deakin U, wildlife ecology,) Nishar Hameed (Swinburne U, strong, light materials), Roslyn Hickson (Uni Melbourne, maths models of disease spread), Megan Lim (Burnet Institute, public health), Yen Ying Lim (Alzheimer’s, Florey Institute), Erin McGillick (Monash U, fetal lung development), Gemma Sharp (Monash U, women’s body image),  Michelle Tate (Monash U, influenza).

YTP of the year is Scott Griffiths (Uni Melbourne, eating disorders),


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