Appointment, Achievements

The Australasian Research Management Society announces its 2021 awards, * Gayle Morris (Australian Institute of Business) – distinguished service * Lisa van den Berg (QUT) – research management * Daniel Barr (RMIT) – research management

The Autism Cooperative Research Centre research awards go to, * Sandra Jones (Australian Catholic U) – research into practice. * Trevor Clark (Autism Spectrum Australia) * Samuel Arnold and Julianne Higgins (both UNSW) – inclusive research practice.

Hilary Charlesworth (ANU) is elected a judge of the International Court of Justice.

 The Hunter Medical Research Institute announces its researchers of the year * research excellence: Michael Breakspear * early career: Nicole Nathan * mid-career: Vanessa McDonald

 James Cook U remote pharmacy academic Selina Taylor is the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Queensland pharmacist of the year.