Appointment, achievements

 At RMIT, Kate Fox wins the STEM College’s Peter Coloe Medal.

 Maree Meredith is confirmed as director of the indigenous health Poche Centre SA and the Northern Territory, at Flinders U. AsPro Meredith has been acting since June 2020.

 Murdoch U announces the VC awards. Early career research: Camilla Hill (Agricultural Studies) Brendan Scott (Exercise Science). Research distinguished achievement: Richard Harper (Agricultural Studies). Community, industry impact: Brad Norman (Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems). Research output: Martin Anda, G M Shafiullah, Furat Dawood (Engineering and Energy) Timothy Teo, Natasha Rappa, Hai Min Dai – (Fang Huang co-author) (Education) Sandra Wilson, Dean Aszkielowicz (Robert Cribb, Beatrice Trefait co-authors). PhD thesis: Philipp Schoenhoefer (Maths).

Teaching citations: Ashah Tana and Terri McCann, Martin Hill, Sarah Courtis, Kerry-Lee Jacobsen, Xuan Yong, Julie Page and the peer academic coach team.

Senate Medal: Bernard Dell, Daniel Byles and Peter Waring