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Explaining the local rules for international students

A new app provides international students with legal advice on their top four issues, employment, housing, disputes with their uni/college and sexual assaultMyLegal Mate comes from the inner-city Sydney Redfern Legal Centre.  The launch follows last week’s announcement from UNSW and UTS that they would survey international students on housing problems, (CMM April 10).

The business plan is for education institutions to fund the law app, which would then be free to their students-which strikes CMM as fair enough, certainly for UNSW and the University of Sydney which collected around $1.5bn from international students in 2017.  If universities and colleges want to keep internationals arriving they need to do, and be seen to being doing, everything possible to ensure internationals believe their rights are respected.  They don’t need an app to understand what “cash cow” means.


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