ANU’s new entry scheme: who it welcomes and how it works

The new ANU entry scheme is up for discussion at a campus forum tomorrow, and questions are coming. ANU economist Rabee Tourky tweeted one last night; “given that a large number of our female students come from three to six schools in Canberra, will we be reversing the gender balance in commencing student cohort by effectively capping the number of Canberra based students admitted in 2020?”

He will not have to wait long to find out. The process is set for a March-start, with offers in August for the 2020 academic year.

From 2020 ANU will admit applicants first from three priority groups, subject to their meeting academic and co-curricular/community service thresholds;

Priority students: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, final round applicants for the Tuckwell Scholarship (for elite school leavers), ANU extension (ACT schools programme), refugees, students from low SES schools and students who have suffered “long-term physical or psychological hardship.”

National group: the top 2 per cent of students at all schools across the country

High achievers: based on ATAR

Any remaining places will go to UAC applicants.

The new service measure is based on employment, creative activities, sport and fitness, academic extension (e.g. debating, education competitions) and community service. Applicants are not ranked but must meet a threshold.


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