ANU rates with philosopher PhDs

The American Philosophical Association has released its 2017 report on student satisfaction and graduate employment outcomes for universities with doctoral programmes in philosophy.

ANU ranks second after U Cal Berkeley, and immediately ahead of Georgetown U, U Cal Riverside, Harvard and MIT.

Macquarie U is 11th in the world with doctoral graduates there reporting the “expertise, friendliness and amiability” of “advisory faculty”. The University of Melbourne makes the list of 37 at 28th. The list is entirely anglosphere, with 30 or so US institutions, joined by a couple of UK and Canadian universities and the Australians.

A separate rank records job placements, with the University of Sydney at 28th on the list of the 63 institutions that are above the average for all 137 surveyed. Some 53 per cent of PhD completers were employed in a permanent academic position, 40 per cent of them in PhD granting institutions.


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