ANU back in business

Hail fellow not well met

All but four buildings at ANU re-open this morning after being closed since Monday’s hailstorm damaged 80. “As the clean-up has progressed, it has become apparent that the damage is more extensive than first thought,” management told the campus community yesterday, directing all but non-essential staff, people in residences and workers in the new Kambri complex to stay home.

CSIRO’s Black Mountain facility was also hammered Monday, with “significant damage” to “most” of its 65 research glasshouses.

They know how to deal with a natural disaster at ANU.  Smoke from the bushfire catastrophe drifted over Canberra in the first week of this month, leading to a five-day campus-shutdown.

A couple of years back a deluge (CMM February 26 and March 13 2018) caused the campus creek to burst its banks and flood the library and the Mount Stromlo observatory was destroyed in the 2003 fires.


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