Another restructure way at UWA

The bitter Social Sciences restructure isn’t the only one at UWA

But it is the one generating all the attention. All but announcing to academics that the disciplines they have devoted their lives to are gone is way to get them talking, loudly.

In contrast, the proposal for the library is measured and focused on fine-tuning to serve the university’s new academic structure rather, it appears, than cost-cutting to contribute to an all of UWA target (CMM July 12).

And the National Tertiary Education Union responds in kind with a submission for its library members.

“From both the initial presentation and the discussions that followed … there appears to have been a very clear rationale for decisions made that was explained clearly and simply to staff. The result of this has been a far more effective consultation process, which has ultimately led to a better experience for our members,” the union states.

The analysis of strengths, and numerous  identified weaknesses, in the restructure is detailed and certainly appears to indicate that library and management are on the same page.


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