Another IT restructure at Uni Adelaide

IT at the University of Adelaide got $3m less in its budget than it asked for, so Information Technology and Digital Services proposes a restructure “to reduce our operating expenses.”  IT chief Bev Wright’s new plan comes a year after the previous new structure was introduced, “we now have a much clearer understanding of our current IT application landscape, pain points and the true cost of operating the branch,” she tells staff in a draft change proposal.

Ms Wright now proposes significant job changes and losses; she lists 116 continuing positions, 34 new roles and 30 jobs converted to continuing. However, 25 fixed-term positions will go, 20 are disestablished and 15 are subject “to a reduced number of roles process.”

She hopes to have the new structure in place by April but also commits to review it in fourth quarter, “to determine its effectiveness and, in particular, any impact to staff workload.”


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