Another chance to leave La Trobe U

The university wants to help staff who don’t like the look of what’s coming 

The university announced yesterday a second voluntary redundancy round. Vice Chancellor John Dewar says the draft strategic plan is now circulating and “will provide a clearer picture for staff to make decisions based on what’s best for their own personal circumstances.”

The new round is separate to VRs on offer in two portfolios where there are  restructures; student support and education (no not the school, people do not like them being confused).

The new round looks like good news for management. In June, the university announced 239 people were taking a VR, translating to 160 FTE, just ahead of expectations. But this still left a staff cut target band of 215-415. The more people who go willingly (albeit not all happily), the fewer involuntary redundancies there will be (CMM June 26).

Eligibility criteria for the new VRs are not yet fixed but expressions of interest are expected to open on September 9.