All’s well that ends well at Australian Catholic U

Staff at Australian Catholic U will vote on a enterprise agreement, jointly proposed by management and unions

The deal comes after a long, as in 12 months plus, and not entirely amenable negotiation. The Community and Public Sector Union (in NSW) backed management’s offer last week, while the National Tertiary Education Union wanted to keep talking.

But now the NTEU agrees and it appears honour is satisfied all over with ACU observers suggesting the union won management agreement at the end on leave and overtime issues with management otherwise sticking to its “final offer,” from last week (CMM October 13 and 25).

Yesterday ACU COO, Stephen Weller messaged staff that he thanked the two unions, for their commitment to reaching this outcome after more than a year of negotiations.” And NTEU branch president Leah Kaufmann acknowledged university management, “for considering our many claims, our evidence and arguments, and working with us to create a better ACU for staff and all.”

The agreement “is a long way from the initial position we were offered in July ’21,” she says.

A formal draft of the all parties-approved deal will be ready “in coming weeks” for an all staff vote. This should be a formality, staff have never (as far as CMM knows) knocked back an agreement proposed by management and unions.

It’s not ending as well at Southern Cross U, if it is ending at all: Staff there start voting today on a management proposed wage and conditions offer. It is backed by the CPSU, but fiercely opposed by the NTEU.