All politics is local

Dave Sharma (Lib-UNSW) is nice about UNSW VC Ian Jacobs in the House of Reps, yesterday

 I commend him for his stewardship of that institution over the last several years. I know running a university, being the vice-chancellor of a university, is not an easy role. I want to acknowledge Ian Jacobs’s service to the University of New South Wales and to Australia more broadly and wish him well for his future and his return to the United Kingdom.”

There is a small UNSW campus in Mr Sharma’s seat of Wentworth with the main one adjacent. But what, pray, did it have to do with the free speech on campus bill, being debated?

A bit. Mr Sharma mentioned that UNSW “is also undertaking work in this area.” In fact, UNSW got very cross when then education minister Dan Tehan named it as “not-aligned” with the Robert French model code of campus free-speech. UNSW responded its policies and procedures went further than those required (CMM December 9).


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