AI improves on ABBA

 The Eurovision Song Contest is cancelled (for this relief, much thanks) but there is an alternative, on-line Eurovision AI

RMIT’s Sandra Uitdenbogerd, with colleagues from UNSW and studio Uncanny Valley, have an entry.

Beautiful the world” is a song about the summer fires and the present pandemic. It uses AI to turn “koala grunts, kookaburra laughs, and Tassie Devil barks, “into a kind of instrument.” Lyrics and melody are the work of AI and “human intervention.”

Dr Uitdenbogerd describes the song as “high entropy Daft Punk” – but it sounds no sillier to CMM than most Euro-songs, (“At Waterloo Napoleon did surrender, oh yeah”).

You can hear what high entropy Daft Punk sounds like, here and vote for it here.