AI education impact on the horizon

There’s a new horizon scanning report where humans examine AI

It’s a new project in the what happens next series, commissioned by the feds and produced by the Australian Council of Learned Academies

ACOLA’s authors argue AI will have three core issues for education

*   using AI to augment education and learning

Systems already exist to teach well-defined STEM subject areas. “If AI-based learning tools begin to displace some aspects of teaching, it will be important for teachers to focus on areas of knowledge acquisition and learning where AI is ineffective, such as meta-intelligence”

* supporting students in developing AI skills

the different roles and tasks that the future of AI will present may require a range of complementary education offerings, including disciplinary programmes and programmes that connect with industry

* teaching how to make informed decisions in interacting with AI

Initiatives will be needed to, “provide all individuals with the opportunities to develop basic literacies in how AI systems and technologies function. ACOLA suggests public comms and micro-credentialing.


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