Adelaide local hero (first in a series)

Last week new Uni Adelaide VC Peter Høj was all over the city’s media, now Uni SA’s David Lloyd gets a go

The coverage of Professor Høj’s appointment included his support for merging Uni Adelaide and Uni SA when he was VC of the latter (CMM February 3).

This week Uni SA’s present boss is in The Advertiser, as seventh of the paper’s pick of 21 SA agenda setters. The story explaining why is a chorus-line of free kicks, with Professor Lloyd setting out opportunities for the state and how Uni SA can help.

He’s one of the two on the paper’s pick announced so far – the full list is on Friday, when readers get a chance to rank them.

With Professor Høj just back it might be too early for him to get a guernsey, but surely Flinders U VC Colin Stirling will be on the list.

Whatever happens, university-watchers will interpret who ranks where in the context of the never-ending debate on university-mergers.